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An accurate selection of the best wines

Born in 2016 thanks to an idea of Hermes and a group of friends, “In Vinis Veritas” wine bar is still loyal to its original spark: offering to the customer unique moments in Varenna, one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

In 2018 we added to our wine shop a wine tasting room, obtained from the restoration of an ancient 17th century ice house with its incredible barrel vault in local Varenna black marble.

Our wines are meticolously selected with a group of sommeliers and a continuous research of the Italy’s best wineries, with the purpose to offer in our shop a wide selection of italian and international wines by maintaining at the same time the highest quality.

Where we are

Lake Como - Varenna

Via XX Settembre 7
23828 Varenna (LC)
Lake Como - Italy